Q: How do I Know if i have termites?

Have you seen flying ants near your house recently?
Have you noticed any trails of mud going up your walls or in timber piles lately?
Have you noticed the paint on wooden surfaces bubble recently?
If so, there is a strong possibility that your property has termites.

Q: What are the risks?

Asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. this does not automatically mean that your health is at risk if you find that your home or workplace is made from fibro products.
Studies show that these products, if left undisturbed, are not a significant health risk provided the material is in reasonable condition. If the asbestos fibres remain firmly bound in a solid cement matrix, generally you do not need to remove the fibro or even coat it.
Health problems usually occur when people are unaware of the hazards of working with fibro. the important point is to always work so there’s minimal release of dust or small particles from asbestos material. Use commonsensem, follow safety guidelines: working with fibro products should not be a problem.

Q: Does my building contain asbestos?

The most accurate way to find out if your fibro contains asbestos is for experienced people to inspect and test it (A Hygienist). You can’t tell by looking at it.
Only fibro products made before 1987 contain asbestos. In NSW for example, the use of asbestos was discontinued in fibro sheets by 1982, in corrugated sheets by 1984 and in all other products by 1986.

Q: Do HIA members have access to the most up-to-date training and technology?

Events, training and support are available to HIA members, assisting in developing their businesses by addressing the most current issues facing the building industry, providing training on the most up-to-date computer technology and having readily available advice on issues such as Insurance, Technical and IR& Legal.

Q: Why use an HIA member?

By using an HIA member, you can be sure a professional is building your home. HIA members must abide by HIA’s Code of Ethics, which has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The code requires that all members observe high standards of commercial conduct in their dealings with each other, suppliers, customers and the public. HIA provides events, training and support for members so that they can keep abreast of all the changes in the building industry. Members also have access to information on a range of issues such as Technical, Industrial Relations, and Legal.

Q: Do we carry out both the Building & Pest Report?

Yes, both the Building & Pest Reports are carried out by South Home Check & not by a third party. This allows for the report to be carried out at one time, costs less than other firms, which “arrange inspections”, allows for one point of referral when queries and questions arise from an inspection and allows for the structural integrity of timber pest damaged areas to be assessed at the time of the initial inspection. We are professionals at what we do and have an enviable reputation. Just ask our clients – from Federal, State & Local Government right through to the first home buyer.

Q: Are we insured, and what type of insurance do we have?

South Coast Home Check hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance to afford you the comfort and piece of mind that should be the standard for the industry.

Q: When can I get my reports?

Usually between 24 & 48 hours, but we have a Hurricane Service which is the same day as the request, or within 24 hours. Reports are available by e-mail.

Q: Do our reports follow a standard format?

Absolutely, our Building Reports are in compliance with Australian Standards 4349.1 (Property Inspections For Residential Buildings), and our Pest Inspections are in compliance with Australian Standards 4349.3 (Timber Pest Inspection Reports). Home Check uses a proprietary home inspection checklist and report template to ensure all accessible areas of the house are inspected and a comprehensive building & structural timber pest inspection report is provided.

Q: What qualifications will my inspector have?

17 years experience – South Coast Home Check building inspectors can guarantee thorough and accurate building & pest inspections whether you are buying a pre-owned home or building a new house. Inspection consultant Trevor Smith is a licensed Building Consultant (BC 282) qualified Building Supervisor, licensed Builder, licensed carpenter & joiner, Structural Timber Pest Inspector, Housing Industry Association (HIA) Accredited Home Building Consultant (as recommended by the Department of Fair Trading) and a Licensed Real Estate Agent/Stock & Station Agent. Trever Smith is also an Expert Witness for building & construction matters.



Health Risks Section
Exposure to asbestos is the primary cause of mesothelioma. This cancer develops in the thin layer of tissue that lines and protects the chest cavity and other organs. For more information on asbestos related diseases, visit www.pleuralmesothelioma.com